September 2012   

1. Internet site with information about project and partners presentation (done)      

2. Information about project in every partner website

October 2012

3. Documentation about each country methods of theatrical working and/ or experiences in working with the vulnerable groups

4. Theatrical Workshop

November 2012

5. Networking tools and communication system

6. Dissemination plan

December 2012

7. Preparation and dissemination information about project (by internet sites, posters and flyers)

8. Recruiting for project's intergenerational theatrical groups in each involved country

January 2013

9. Start working in tandems
May 2013

10. Workshop about an interactive theater piece based on the exploitation of European Tales and oral tradition

11. SOS Portuguese Language Course for all the partners

December 2013

12. Participants finish working in tandems

February 2014

13. Design of the promotional material for the final conference, collection of the project documentation

Workshop: presentation of tandem plays

April 2014

14. Book about myths, theatre and project aims

May 2014

15. Final conference

16. Workshop: presentation of plays

July 2014

17. Final report for the National Agencies

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